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Aide: Clintons 'Have a Life and a Set of Expectations that Are Different' from Middle Class

Former Clinton aide Kiki McLean defended Hillary Clinton's claim that she was "dead broke" and "struggled" after leaving the White House by saying that the Clintons "have a life and a set of expectations that are different" from middle class Americans. McLean made the comments on CNN:

"I suppose when you heard that comment you knew full well that that was going to be fodder for the Republicans," the CNN host said today referring to the comments Clinton made in an interview that aired last night. "Mrs. Clinton used the word 'houses' -- the plural version, which many Americans would hear and sort of think, Ugh, holy moly. Isn't it fair that perhaps that's the criticism that comes out of it? That that's somebody who perhaps isn't in touch with Americans in general?"

"There's nothing fair with anybody who would insinuate that Hillary Clinton doesn't understand the struggle of a middle class family," McLean said. "She certainly grew up with one. And she gave a statement of fact when President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton left the White House, they were dead broke. Now, they have a life and a set of expectations that are different, and they've been fortunate to make some money."

McLean was a senior adviser on Hillary Clinton's failed 2008 presidential run and a former aide to President Bill Clinton.

Daniel Halper is online editor at The Weekly Standard and author of Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine (forthcoming).

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