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Biden Calls Obama 'Homeboy'

Visiting victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey today, Vice President Joe Biden told them not to worry, saying, "you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it." Biden was referring to President Barack Obama.

Here are Biden's remarks, via the pool report:

"If you’re not an Easterner it’s hard to understand that the ocean to us is the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park and everything else combined. It is a gigantic part of not only our economy but who we are. It’s a gigantic part of the culture as well.

And every time the rest of the country is in real trouble, New Jersey and Delaware and New York and Connecticut etcetera we respond, we respond. And it’s going to be a heavy lift. These are difficult times in terms of budgets but the president has made it clear that we are going to do everything we can to make sure that the Corps is fully funded, that FEMA has their needs and that all the programs that exist under the auspices of the federal government not only continue to exist but are funded so that we can make sure that this area of the country is fully fully fully restored.

So as the president said when he was up here with the governor, we’re not going anywhere. We’re not not going anywhere. And you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it."

UPDATE: Some suggest Biden here is referring to himself as a "homeboy," not President Obama.

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