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Clinton: Obama's Feelings Most Hurt Over Jeep Ad

Bill Clinton revealed at a campaign rally today that President Barack Obama's feeling were hurt over Mitt Romney's ad suggesting Jeep might move some of its production facilities overseas:

"I saw the reports of Governor Romney's latest ad saying that the president had allowed Jeep to move to China," said Clinton. "And so this morning, before he left Florida and went back to Washington, he said, 'You know, of all the things Governor Romney has said that probably hurts my feelings the most.' He said, 'You know, I never had any money when I was a kid. and the first new car I ever owned I was 30 years old it was a Jeep.'"

As an aside, it's Interesting that, according an old USA Today report, Obama's first (used) car was a Ford Granada.

Like many men, President Obama has fond memories of his first car -- even if it was a Ford Granada.

"I have to confess; my first car was my grandfather's car," Obama told AAA in an interview. "Which was a Ford Granada."

Then, it appears, Obama owned a red Fiat.  “Before returning to Hawaii, Stan bought his grandson a present: a beat-up old red Fiat that they found at a Los Angeles used car lot,” writes David Maraniss in Barack Obama: The Story. 

Then, Maraniss details Obama had a Honda Civic.  “Before leaving New York, Obama spent two thousand dollars on a blue Honda Civic that he would drive into the heartland to start his new life.”

And then a Nissan Datsun. “The old blue Honda Civic was gone; he had sold it before departing for Europe and Africa. Now he had another car, a used yellow Datsun that cost five hundred dollars.”

Obama's first new car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but was 39 years old when he bought the 2000 model, not 30, as Clinton stated earlier today.

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