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Congressmen Confront EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Over Use of Alias 'Richard Windsor'
Congressmen Confront EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Over Use of Alias 'Richard Windsor'

Two members of Congress sent a letter to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson over her use of the alias "Richard Windsor." The congressmen, Fred Upton and Cliff Stearns, want Jackson to explain her actions.

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"In recent weeks, questions have been raised in Congress and among public interest groups about the use of one or more secondary email accounts and aliases by you and potentially other officials at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)," they wrote in a letter addressed to Jackson. "Given your reported use of at least one alias email account in your conduct of agency business, we write to ask that you describe fully the nature and extent of this practice."

The letter contains a detailed list of questions, including:

"According to press reports, you have a government issued email account under the alias 'Richard Windsor.' Is this accurate? Does this email account still exist, and do you use it?"

"According to press reports, on November 20, 2012, EPA issued a statement indicating that '[f]or more than a decade, EPA administrators have been assigned two official, government issued email accounts: a public account and an internal account.' How many email accounts have been assigned to you at the agency? What are the email addresses for these accounts?"

"To your knowledge, are there any other heads of Federal agencies that are assigned an 'internal' email address? If yes, which Federal agencies?"

As well as several other questions. (Read the letter here.)

Upton is the chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce; Stearns is the chairman of the subcommittee on oversight and investigation.

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